PRE-heat, Inc., is a company that specializes in custom industrial air-to-air heat exchangers and packaged heat recovery systems. Our ability to customize our systems allows us to replace old, inefficient and leaking heat exchangers of most other manufacturers with either our rugged, dimpled/flat plate type, our more efficient, in-line wave plate type, or any of our heavy duty shell and tube air-to-air heat exchangers. We can also design a new exchanger assembly to fit in the exact same space, have the exact same duct connections at the same locations, and have the same or better heat recovery efficiency, with the same or less pressure drop. We also offer complete replacement services. Our Engineers will come to your plant, take measurements and pictures, and come back to our offices to develop a preliminary proposal with drawings for the replacement of your old heat exchanger.

Our replacement heat exchangers can improve your existing system in a number of ways. We can decrease pressure drop, increase capacity, improve heat recovery, and enhance cleanability. We will design a system that meet existing duct connections and bolt hole patterns and sit on existing structural support systems. Our replacement and retrofit services, whether being contracted for model efficiency improvements, breakdown services, turnkey system creation, start-up or testing applications, can be utilized for various industrial equipment including dryers, furnaces, ovens, kilns and incinerators.

To learn more about our replacement and retrofit services of heavy industrial air-to-air heat exchangers or about any of our other offerings, contact us at PRE-heat com.

Air-to-Air Industrial Heat Exchanger Specifications

Heat Exchanger Types

Dimpled/Flat Plate Heat Exchangers
In-Line Wave Plate Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Any Air-to-Air


Industrial Dryers
Industrial Furnaces

Industrial Ovens
Industrial Catalytic Processes


Model Efficiency Improvements



Pressure Drop
Heat Recovery Efficiency
Expansion Systems

Better Performance
Heavy Duty


Match Bolt Hole Patterns
Duct Connections

Material Selection


Die Penetrants