PRE-heat, Inc., specializes in custom industrial air-to-air heat exchangers and packaged heat recovery systems. We have been designing and building industrial, packaged air-to-air heat recovery units for over 40 years.

Our custom designed packaged heat exchanger assemblies include our proprietary designed plate type heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers. By adding inlet and outlet plenums, expansion joints, bypass ducts, and dampers, insulation, and cladding, our heat exchanger assemblies meet in the field with our OEM customer’s fume combustion chambers to form a high quality, high efficiency catalytic or thermal recuperative fume incinerator package.

Even with today’s ultra-high efficiency regenerative fume incinerators, there is generally enough heat available that a competitively priced insulated exchangers are widely used as secondary exchangers to PRE-heat make-up-air back to the process or the building.

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PRE-heat, Inc.’s History – A Leader in Custom Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

After graduating from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1976, Don Bergin went to work in the commercial heating/air conditioning and sheet metal department of the Bergin family mechanical contracting company. After four years, Don left the family business and started Thermal Kinetics, Inc., a manufacturer’s rep company of heat recovery equipment and systems. The company grew quickly selling heat exchangers to the oven, dryer, and fume incinerator manufacturers in the Milwaukee, Chicago and Fox Valley area.

Many of Thermal Kinetics’ customers had fabrication shops of their own that would buy the bare heat exchangers and incorporate them into their incinerator ovens and dryers. Other heat exchanger customers designed pieces of equipment and contracted all manufacturing to outside companies. They needed heat exchangers with insulation and cladding, bypass systems, expansion systems, structural support systems; as well as inlet and outlet plenum to match up to the incinerators, ovens and dryers being manufactured by other suppliers. It was important for all of the components to have a unified look.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the heat exchangers represented by Thermal Kinetics, Inc., was only interested in building basic heat exchangers not packaged units and lacked the ability and desire to add the improvements customers required. This inflexibility initiated the start up of Construction International Inc. in 1984, which later became PRE-heat Inc. in the year 2000.

PRE-heat’s knowledge of industry desired modifications and improvements prompted them to design an improved shell and tube heat exchanger with their proprietary, free floating tube air lock expansion system. These new shell and tube heat exchangers were well received by existing customers and have been operating almost flawlessly since inception. PRE-heat’s improved design also offers customers a more competitively priced exchanger.

Over the years, customers of the plate type heat exchangers required improvements in the exchanger such as improved efficiency. PRE-heat’s industry knowledge again enabled them to design and build their own plate heat exchangers. Two different plate designs evolved. The first was the all welded flat Dimple Plate design (DPL) series of exchangers. These are heavy duty plate exchangers that will handle high temperatures and dirty applications through the use of thicker plates and ease of cleaning. The DPL is PRE-heat’s most flexible unit available in almost any size with multiple flow configurations. The second design was the In Line Wave (ILW) series of plate heat exchangers that incorporated a wave pattern along with an inline dimple pattern in the plates to further enhance the efficiency of the plate exchanger. Both designs of plate heat exchangers are custom manufactured by PRE-heat to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.