PRE-heat, Inc., has designed and built custom industrial air-to-air heat exchangers and packaged heat recovery systems for over 40 years. This extensive experience gives us the knowledge and skills needed to provide replacement and retrofitting services for a variety of industrial equipment, including dryers, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, and ovens. Whether a customer needs model efficiency improvements, breakdown assistance, turnkey system creation, or startup/testing help, we can meet their heat exchanger needs.

Importance of Heat Exchanger Replacement & Retrofitting Services

Heat exchangers play a critical role in a wide range of industrial applications. That’s why it is important to inspect and service them regularly to ensure they continue to operate and perform as expected. Some of the issues that can occur within a heat exchanger that affects its operation and/or performance include:

  • blockages
  • erosion/corrosion
  • cracking
  • leakages

These conditions can negatively affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the heat exchanger, necessitating quick resolution through repair or replacement to reduce the impact on the overall process.

In addition to resolving the issue of a damaged or broken heat exchanging unit, replacement is also a solution for upgrading a system. Replacing older, less efficient units with newer, more efficient ones can improve the overall efficiency of the system. Alternatively, the existing heat exchanging unit can be retrofitted to have better performance capabilities.

Advantages of Replacing vs. Retrofitting a Heat Exchanger

There are distinct advantages to replacement heat exchangers and retrofitting services that make them suitable for different equipment needs.

  • Replacement enables customers to improve their systems by exchanging an old component with a new component. More modern heat exchanging units can offer better capacity, heat drop, heat recovery, and cleanability, which can lead to greater overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, in the case of replacing a damaged unit, they can improve safety.
  • Retrofitting enables customers to improve their systems by modifying an existing component. The modified heat exchanging unit can offer increased capacities with lower equipment and labor costs since a completely new unit is not required.

Contact the Experts at PRE-heat, Inc. for Your Heat Exchanger Replacement & Retrofitting Needs Today!

Need heat exchanger replacement or retrofitting services? Turn to the experts at PRE-heat, Inc.

Our team can replace old, inefficient, or leaking heat exchangers from other manufacturers with our rugged, dimpled/flat plate type, our efficient, in-line wave plate type, or any of our other heavy-duty shell and tube air-to-air heat exchangers. Alternatively, we can design a new exchanger assembly with the same or better heat recovery efficiency and pressure drop that integrates into your existing operations or modify/upgrade your existing heat exchanger with new or needed components to help you achieve optimal efficiency. After a site visit, our engineers will develop plans for a new unit built for your specific needs.

Whether you want to improve pressure drop, heat recovery efficiency, cleanability, or another performance factor, we can meet your needs! To learn more about our replacement and retrofitting capabilities, check out the table below or contact us today.

To discuss your specific equipment requirements with one of our team members, submit your quote.

Air-to-Air Industrial Heat Exchanger Specifications

Heat Exchanger Types

Dimpled/Flat Plate Heat Exchangers
In-Line Wave Plate Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Any Air-to-Air


Industrial Dryers
Industrial Furnaces

Industrial Ovens
Industrial Catalytic Processes


Model Efficiency Improvements



Pressure Drop
Heat Recovery Efficiency
Expansion Systems

Better Performance
Heavy Duty


Match Bolt Hole Patterns
Duct Connections

Material Selection


Die Penetrants