Catalytic Incinerator Heat Exchanger Project

  • Three High pressure, high temperature replacement heat exchangers on a 77,000 SCFM Catalytic incinerator
  • Heat exchangers preheat the air going into the catalytic oxidizer using the heat in the hot air leaving the catalytic oxidizer
    Each heat exchanger has 208 – 46” X 142”, 0.063” thick 304H S.S. plates.
  • Casing is 3/8” thick, 304H S.S. with 3/8” thick formed S.S. reinforcing channels.
  • Flanges are 1” thick, 304H S.S. plate flanges
  • Heat exchangers were insulated in the field after the exact replacement heat exchanger were installed into the system

Petrochemicals products, the group of products are Feedstock, PET, Packaging, Fibers and Recycled products.


A major producer of PTE , with plant through the world, contracted with PRE-heat to replace 3 existing plate type heat exchangers in their Montreal, Canada facility.
Pre-heat personnel made several trips to this facility to discuss the replacement process, materials construction, timing on the project, and to obtain critical dimensions.
Pre-heat designed 3 special I-U flow pattern heat exchangers using cross flow heat exchanger modules.
The clean air traveled through the I-pass of the exchanger, which was the inside of the membrane envelopes. The dirty air stream passed through the U-pass of the exchanger, which was on the outside of the membrane envelopes. This was done so that any liquids condensed out of the dirty air stream would collect in the drain pans in the bottom of the exchanger. Also, the U-pass side of the exchanger could be cleaned and any cleaning solution and particulate would exit the exchanger through the bottom drains located in the bottom shell of the exchangers. With this system, the exchangers could be cleaned in place and the customer would not have to be concerned with build up of condensed liquid and particulate building up in the exchanger and pre-maturely corroding out the exchanger.

PRE-heat engineers developed a 3D Model of the heat exchangers so the customer could put the heat exchanger model into his 3D drawing of the catalytic incinerator system to guarantee an exact replacement.
All 3 heat exchanger were built by PRE-heat, on schedule, and shipped to the plant for quick replacement during a 1 week planned shut down.

Product Description:

Three high pressure, high temperature heat exchangers, pre heating the air going into the catalytic oxidizer using the heat from the hot air leaving the oxidizer.


Highlights of this Quality Stainless Steel Manufacturing Project

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities & Applied/Processes

PRE-heat designed a 3D model of the unit from supplied drawings from customer. PRE-heat still made a visit to Montreal, Canada to check dimensions and look at unit being replaced.

Heat Exchanger Specifications/Features

3- PRE-HEAT Model # 46-104DPL142-0.5-IU, Uninsulated Plate Type Heat Exchangers
208 plates that were 46” X 142” and 0.063” thick made from 304H Stainless Steel
Casing was made with 3/8” Thick 304H and reinforced with 3/8” thick formed channels
1” plate flanges at each duct connection
Drain pan under each unit with 4 – 2” S.S. drain connections
MC8 X 18.7 structural steel bottom base frame – sand blasted and painted

Heat exchanger dimensions

3 units that were all 154” long X 52” High X 106” Wide

Tightest Tolerances

Dimple depth +/- .005
Pattern +/- .005
Structure and shell have tolerance of ± 1/8”

Material Used

Plates: 304H Stainless Steel
Case: 304H Stainless Steel
Base: MC* X 18.7 Structural Steel

  • Gauge: 18″
Exterior Surface Finish

Heat exchanger was finished with stainless steel outside shell
Base was sandblasted primed and painted

In process testing/inspection performed

PMI or (Positive Material Identification) Testing was preformed on material
Fluorescent Dye penetrant tests applied to primary seals and shell welds. Standard internal QC documents
Hardness testing before and after welding included
Passivation of all welds
Leak testing with a pressure test

Industry Applied


Delivery/Lead Time

14 weeks from receipt of approved drawings

Delivery Location

Montreal Canada

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Product Name

Dimple Plate Heat Exchanger