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Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchanger for Metal Processing Industry

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Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchanger for Metal Processing Industry

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PRE-heat Inc. was commissioned to manufacture two PRE-Heat Model V10/33-40-116-6S heat exchanger for a metal manufacturing and recycling facility. This system consisted of two cooling tower heat exchangers that were used to recover heat from a thermal fume incinerator on a brass and copper chip recycle dryer. The primary heat exchanger within the system was designed to recover heat from 13,200 SCFM, 1,600ᵒF air leaving a thermal fume incinerator. It had to have the capability for 17,850 SCFM outside air to be heated up to 800ᵒF and re-supplied. The secondary exchanger allowed for a cool exhaust air stream to leave the primary exchanger down to 450ᵒF before entering a bag-house filtration system for final cleaning. The cooling air stream for each exchanger is 10,000 SCFM of 90ᵒF outside air. Together, the two exchangers were installed in series for the hot air stream with separate cooling air circuits.

Both the hot and cold heat exchangers were made from stainless steel tube and tube sheets. Additionally, auxiliary equipment was designed as part of the overall system, including a carbon steel bottom hot air inlet and outlet plenum and a top hot air u-bend plenum. The plenum provides internal insulation, a structural steel support framework, and access doors for unit cleaning.

PRE-heat Inc prides itself on creating custom innovative designed heat exchangers that meet customer specifications and high quality and efficiency standards.

To learn how we can create the system that meets your requirements, contact PRE-heat Inc.

Highlights of this Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchanger

Product Description These heat exchangers are used to re-cover heat from a thermal fume incinerator on a brass and copper chip recycler dryer.
Custom Manufacturing Capabilities & Applied/Processes PRE-heat designed the unit and prepared 2D drawings using CAD. On site visits aided in the unit design. An engineer from PRE-heat was on site for installation and unit start-up. All parts were cut, machined, welded and assembled at PRE-heat.
Heat Exchanger Specifications/Features (2) PRE-Heat Model V10/33-40-116-3S Heat Exchangers
  • 2 Tube Pass 6 Shell Pass
  • Vertical Shell & Tube
Exchangers Installed in Series for the Hot Air Stream With Separate Cooling Air Circuits
Primary Heat Exchanger:
Air Volume & Temperature
  • Re-Cover Heat from 13,200 SCFM of 1,600ᵒF Hot Air Leaving as Thermal Fume Incinerator
  • 17,850 SCFM Outside Air is Heated Up to 800ᵒF and Supplied Back
Secondary Heat Exchanger:
Air Volume & Temperature
  • Cool Exhaust Air Stream Leaving the Primary Exchanger down to 450ᵒF Before Entering a Bag-House Filtration System for Final Cleaning
  • Cooling Air Stream for Each Exchanger is 10,000 SCFM of 90ᵒF Outside Air
Auxiliary Equipment:
Bottom Hot Air Inlet and Outlet Plenum
  • Internal Insulation
  • Structural Steel Support Framework
  • Access Doors for Cleaning
Top Hit Air U-Bend Plenum
  • Internal Insulation
  • Access Door for Cleaning
Overall Dimensions (Just heat exchanger "Not including inlet plenum or stand")Unit is 8' Deep X 10' Wide X 22' Tall(high)
Tightest Tolerances Tube sheets are cut within +/- .003". The structure and shell are cut within +/- 1/8".
Material Used Hot Heat Exchanger: 316l Stainless Steel Tube & Tube Sheets
Cold Heat Exchanger: 304L Stainless Steel Tube & Tube Sheets
Plenums: Carbon Steel
Max Finish Unit was primed and finish coated with high temp. paint to at lease 5 mil. Thick overall
In process testing/inspection performed The shell was all dye penetrant tested, and was built while using our standard Quality Control Sheets/system
Industry for Use Metal Manufacturing
Metal Recycling
Delivery/Turnaround Time 12 week turnaround time from receipt of approved drawings
Delivery Location Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Double Circuit Cooling Tower

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