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Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchangers for a Building Supply Manufacturer

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Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchangers for a Building Supply Manufacturer

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A customer in the dry wall manufacturing industry commissioned PRE-heat Inc. to manufacture a custom cooling tower heat exchanger with the ability to recover heat and water leaving a dry wall dryer. The stainless steel exchanger, PRE-heat model V26/56-120-126-4S, was required to have a 4 shell pass and vertical shell and tube, and feature 1.5" O.D. tubes x 40' long. The air volume and temperature components were designed to re-cover heat from 68,400 SCFM, 305ᵒF moist exhaust air leaving a dry wall dryer, and heat the outside air to 270ᵒF which is then supplied back to the dryer. In addition it had to allow for 13 gallons of water per minute to be returned to the process.

The main exchangers, auxiliary equipment included a stainless steel bottom, hot air inlet, and outlet plenum for external insulation, M.S. cladding, structural steel support, and access doors for cleaning. The final product met customer specifications, satisfaction, and budget, and was delivered to West Virginia, upon customer request.

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Highlights of this Custom Manufactured Cooling Tower Heat Exchanger

Product Description These heat exchangers are used to recover heat and water leaving a dry wall dryer
Custom Manufacturing Capabilities & Applied/Processes PRE-heat designed the unit and prepared 3D drawings using CAD. On site visits were not necessary because this was being built to their specifications for a brand new building. All parts were cut, machined, welded and assembled at PRE-heat.
Heat Exchanger Specifications/Features (4) PRE-Heat Model V26/56-120-126-4S Heat Exchangers
  • 4 Shell Pass
  • Vertical Shell & Tube
  • 1,456 Ø1.5" O.D. Tubes x 40' Long
Air Volume & Temperature
  • Re-Cover Heat from 68,400 SCFM of 305ᵒF DB, 170ᵒ WB w/.392 Water/Dry Air, Hot Moisture Leaving a Dry Wall Dryer
  • 135,868 SCFM Outside Air is Heated up to 270ᵒF And is Supplied Back to Dryer
  • 13 Gallons Per Minute of Water Returned to the Process
Auxiliary Equipment:
Bottom Hot Air Inlet and Outlet Plenum
  • External Insulation
  • M.S. Cladding
  • Structural Steel Support Work
  • Access Doors for Cleaning
Overall Dimensions Four units that were each 12' wide X 8' deep X 42' tall. Each unit had 1,250 tubes that were 40' long.
Tightest Tolerances Tube sheets are cut within +/- .003". The structure and shell are cut within +/- 1/8".
Material Used Tubes: 304 Stainless Steel
Plenum: 304 Stainless Steel
Max Finish Unit was primed and finish coated with high temp. paint to at least 5 mil. Thick overall
In process testing/inspection performed The shell was all die penetrant tested, and was built while using our standard Quality Control Sheets/system
Industry for Use Dry Wall Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time 20 week turnaround time from receipt of approved drawings
Delivery Location West Virginia
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name PRE-Heat Model V26/56-120-126-4S Heat Exchangers

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