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Stainless Steel Manufacturing of a Primary Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with ALT-imate Air-lock Expansion System

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Stainless Steel Manufacturing of a Primary Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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PRE-heat, Inc. provides custom designed and manufactured industrial air to air heat recovery equipment and system for a variety of industries. We were contracted by a customer in the mineral drying industry to design and fabricate a very high temperature primary heat exchanger for indirectly heating an airstream used to convert Ammonium DiMolybdate to Molybdic Oxide. The primary heat exchanger was to be augmented with a secondary tubular heat exchanger for preheating the cold combustion air for the #2 fuel oil burner on the primary indirect heating unit. The system goal is to heat 10,956 #/Hr to 1,175 F at 14,000’ elevation for the mineral dryer. This was achieved using a 4 shell pass tubular unit, model 24-24-30-61.25-4ST with 309S SS heat transfer surfaces. The unit is internally insulated with 6” of ceramic insulation. The combustion chamber is designed to operated at 10,250 #/Hr, 1,520 F and fired with #2 fuel oil due to its location at +14,000 feet on a mountain in a remote location. The resulting heat exchanger effectiveness is +76%.

This customized equipment met the customer’s specifications and was shipped on time and on budget for installation in Peru, SA.

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Highlights of this Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Sales and application engineering using latest in-house design software.
AutoCad design engineering
Stainless steel and steel fabrication in our modern manufacturing facility using up to date welding methods and equipment by trained staff.
Primary unit flow rate:
Hot gas stream, inlet: 10,250 #/Hr at 1,520 F
Cold air stream, inlet: 10,956 #/Hr(wet) at 300 F
Elevation above sea level: +14,000 ft.
Secondary unit flow rate:
Hot gas stream, inlet: 12,000 #/Hr at 600 F
Cold air stream, inlet: 10,960 #/Hr @ 0 F
Elevation above sea level: +14,000 ft.
Performance effectiveness required:
Standards Met:
Mine safety design standards, Peru S.A.
Mine equipment design / finish standards, Peru S.A.
Mine safety and equipment standards per USA consulting engineers.
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