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Air-to-Air Industrial Shell & Tube ALT-imate Heat Exchanger

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Air-to-Air Industrial Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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Our heavy duty, most robust heat exchanger for the very high temperature, very dirty exhaust air streams, where a plate heat exchanger just will not work.

PRE-heat, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of industrial, air-to-air, shell & tube heat exchangers.

Our high quality, rugged, shell & tube heat exchangers are used as primary and secondary heat exchangers on all types of fume incineration incinerators, including catalytic, thermal recuperative and thermal regenerative incinerators. They are also used to recover valuable heat energy from industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens and dryers of all types. From food spray dryers to sand and mineral dryers. Our vertical shell and tube heat exchangers are used on incinerators, kilns and dryers where a great deal of particulate maybe intrained in the exhaust air stream and frequent cleaning would be required. Our proprietary, vertical design heat exchangers greatly increase the time between cleanings and greatly decrease the time it take to clean them. High heat exchange efficiencies are maintained throughout the operating cycle. Our proprietary air lock, floating tube expansion system eliminates the destructive, uneven forces caused by uneven tube growth due to partial heat exchanger plugging. This alone greatly increases the life cycle of our heat exchangers.

PRE-heat's ability to use multiple tube patterns, including triangular, rotated triangular, square, and rotated square, along with multiple shell side flow passes and multiple tube side passes, with either full or partial baffles, allow us to design the proper exchanger to meet your performance needs and fit into the space required. Our quality systems can handle air flows from 100 to 100,000 CFM, with air pressures up to 25 psi and temperatures up to 1,800°F.

To learn more about how PRE-heat can custom design and build an air-to-air shell and tube heat exchanger to meet your specifications, please contact us

Food and Feed Dryers
Mineral dryers,
Silicone Thermal Incinerators
Solid waste Incinerators
All types of Metal chip dryers and Incinerators
High Temperature Kilns for Curing Materials

Air-to-Air Industrial Shell & Tube ALT-imate Heat Exchanger Specifications

Casing Shape
Casing Material
Mild Steel (Primed and Painted)
Stainless Steel (304, 316)
Ceramic Fiber
4 to 8 in
Outside Casings
7 Ga. To .375 in
Tube Type
Tube Outside Diameter (OD)
.5 to 4 in
Tube Thickness (Wall)
.049 to .125 in
Tube Length
2 to 40 ft.
Tube Material
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel (304, 316L, 309, 310, 321, 409)
Alloy 20
Other Exotic Metals
Tube Layout
Triangular (30 degrees)
Rotated Triangular (60)
Square (90)
Rotated Square (45)
Baffle Design
Cross Flow
Multiple Shell Pass
Multiple Tube Pass
Full Passes with External Turns
Partial Passes with Internal Turns
Air Lock Free Floating Tube Expansion System
Air Lock
Tubes Expand and Contract Freely & Individually
No Cross Contamination
Air Flow 100 to 100,000 CFM
Pressure Up to 25 psi
Temperature Up to 1800 F
  • Silicone
  • Sand
Access Doors
Hot Gas By-Pass Damper
By-Pass Ductwork with Dampers and Controls
Filtered Intakes
Structural Steel Support Systems
Automatic Wash System
Castable Refractories
Companion Flange Sets
Expansion Joints
Industrial Walkways and Ladders
Externally Insulated
Internally Insulated
Testing Pressure
Dye Penetrants

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