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Replacement Primary Heat Exchanger on a Thermal Fume Incinerator for the Oil Refinery Industry

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Replacement Primary Heat Exchanger on a Thermal Fume Incinerator for the Oil Refinery Industry

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PRE-heat, Inc. provides efficient, state-of-the-art solutions for customers in various industries. Recently, we were contracted by the oil refinery industry for a custom heat exchange that was attached to a thermal fume incinerator manufacturing project. What we are most proud of is the selection of our company in a competitive marketplace to directly replace a pre-existing heat exchanger unit. This opportunity allowed us to prove our capabilities to provide more efficiency, while simultaneously showcasing our proprietary free floating air seal expansion system. This system is the best in the industry and lasts longer than other units, while still maintaining the integrity of the unit and the seal between air streams.

Utilizing our in-shop, top-of-the-line equipment, we manufactured the entire thermal fume incinerator. The system consisted of CS hot air outlet plenum with internal insulation, stainless steel stacks and service platform, and stainless steel inlet ductwork. Some of the features of our system included 4 shell pass, vertical shell and tube heat, exchangers (each handling 15,000 SCFM) installed in parallel, and hot heat exchangers with 309l S.S. tubes and tube sheets. In addition, both exchangers have intrical cold side face and bypass dampers, and re-cover heat from 30,000 SCFM of 1,500°F.

Our ideas and equipment are only as good as our final product. To that end, we implement in-process testing of our products to ensure our client's standards are met. For this project, the shell was all die penetrated tested, and was built while using our standard Quality Control Sheets/system. When all units were completed within 12 weeks of receiving the approved drawings, we were proud of our work and our customer was satisfied with our quality and timeframe.

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Highlights of this Custom Steel Manufacturing Project

Custom Steel Manufacturing Project Heat exchanger connected to a thermal fume incinerator for a refinery application
Manufacturing Capabilities Applied/Processes
Steel Manufacturing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Water Jet, Plasma Cutter, Welding Machines, Sheer, Brake Press, Band Saw, Two in shop 20 Ton double bridge cranes
Components Top CS hot air outlet plenum with internal insulation
Stainless Steel Stacks & service platform
Stainless Steel Inlet Ductwork
PRE-heat Model- V-18/41-100-107-4S
4 shell pass
Vertical shell & Tube Heat
Exchangers installed in parallel
  • Each handling 15,000 SCFM.
Hot heat exchangers with 309L S.S. tubes and tube sheets
  • 304L S.S. outer shells.
Both exchangers have iatrical cold side face and by-pass dampers
Re-cover heat from 30,000 SCFM of 1,500°F
Overall Part Dimensions Supplied one packaged unit containing two heat exchangers. Overall packaged unit was 8' Deep X 21' Wide X 22' Tall
Tightest Tolerances Tube sheets are cut within ± .003". The structure and shell are cut within ± 1/8".
Material Used 304 Stainless Steel
309 Stainless Steel
Material Finish Unit was unpainted because unit shell was made up of 1/4" thick stainless Steel
In process testing/inspection performed The shell was all die penetrate tested, and was built while using our standard Quality Control Sheets/system
Industry for Use Oil Refinery Industry
Volume 30,000 SCFM
Delivery/Turnaround Time 10-12 week turnaround time from receipt of approved drawings.
Delivery Location St. Paul Minnesota
Standards Met None
Product Name Heat Exchange

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